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Honors Program

emily prudden_picPfeiffer University's Undergraduate Honors Program is designed to build a community of scholars and to provide an opportunity for Pfeiffer's top academic students to challenge themselves through independent research designed in close collaboration with top undergraduate faculty.

Outline of the Four-Year Program

Freshman Year
Students are enrolled in a specialized section of the Pfeiffer Journey.

Sophomore Year
Students conduct independent research within a course outside their intended major field.

Junior Year
Students research alongside faculty in their major field, building toward a senior Honors Thesis.

Senior Year
In addition to capstone requirements in the student's major, an Honors Thesis is completed and presented at the spring University Symposium.

The faculty of Pfeiffer University feel that this course of rigorous, independent study will prepare students to be competitive candidates in the post-graduate world: professional school, graduate work or career endeavors.

Students interested in submitting an application for admission to the program can forward a 500-750 word statement of purpose by March 3, 2014 or send any questions to the program director:

Dr. Michael D. Thompson
Professor of History

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